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                Dheeraj and Vikas of India's building glass manufacturers come to visit the company

                On the afternoon of October 9, 2017, from India's architectural glass manufacturers Dheeraj and Mr Vikas visit company communication, group chairman of the board of directors of the company yong-ming zhu warmly received the two meeting room in the company, the two sides for sputtering target materials import and export of China and India are present situation has carried on the deep discussion, and the sputtering target material manufacturing technology, research and development equipment, testing equipment, etc are discussed and communication, and visited the company's production line. The President, Dheeraj, said India's industrial glass, the target material needed for building glass, is typically imported from developed countries in Europe and the United States. This is his first visit to China, and he has shown great interest in the manufacturing process of the target material of senli and signed a long-term cooperation agreement with the company.