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                Patent Technology
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                Patent Technology

                Ordinal number Invention patent number Patent name
                1 ZL200910098518.2 A medium - temperature preparation method for the sputtering target material of zinc oxide - based ceramic
                2 ZL201010166001.5 A preparation method of transparent conductive oxide nanometer powder
                3 ZL201010166497.6 Preparation method of an oxidative zinc base sputtering target material
                4 ZL201010135498.4 A co-doped zinc oxide powder and preparation method
                5 ZL201110116568.6 A method for preparing the transparent conductive film of zinc oxide in a suede structure
                6 ZL201110167171.X A colorless transparent conductive ink and its preparation methods and applications
                7 ZL201210172083.3 An oxide - based transparent conductive film and its preparation method
                8 201610880632.0 (apply for) Preparation method of a zinc oxide ceramic sputtering target material
                9 201611175290.9 (apply for) A conductive titanium sputtered target material and its preparation method
                10 201611175322.5 (apply for) A kind of zinc oxide transparent conductive material with excellent environmental stability and its preparation method