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                Development History
                Home About Sunlit

                Development History

                Senxiang holding group with ningbo material technology and engineering research institute of Chinese academy of sciences after eight years of research and development, successfully developed a complete independent intellectual property rights the high performance of zinc oxide and magnetron sputtering target material production technology, break through the doped ZnO nano controllable synthesis, high dispersion, large size of target body molding and two-step density sintered at low temperature, and some key technologies such as through the industrialization under the condition of high quality ZnO technical route of target material, the preparation with high density, high purity, uniform doping uniformity, grain fine, high electrical conductivity of target material, related technology has won seven authorized invention patents in China.
                • 2017

                  Successful bidding at the taibo group has become a qualified supplier

                  Construction of a third thermal spraying target material production line

                • The production line of zinc oxide rotary target is built

                  Build a high quality target binding line

                  The related products are confirmed by the mainstream customer's coating

                  Construction of a second thermal spraying target material production line

                  Declare three national invention patents

                • 2015

                  The research and development of zinc oxide ceramic rotating target material was successful

                  Build a thermal spraying target material production line

                  Application for the successful yinzhou district science and technology bureau science and technology cooperation project

                • "Ningbo Sunlit Electronic Material Co. Ltd" Set up

                  A test line of zinc oxide target is built

                  "Chrysler cup" the fourth black horse contest finals in the top 5

                • 2013

                  Won yinzhou district "entrepreneurial yinzhou · elite leadership" program A kind of funding

                • The preparation technology of zinc oxide flat target material is mastered

                  China science and technology enterprise plan competition hai chuang xinrui award

                  The research results are identified by experts

                • 2011

                  High quality zinc oxide flat target material has been successfully developed

                • The research and development of zinc oxide magnetron sputtering target material have been started