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                About Sunlit
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                About Sunlit

                Ningbo Sunlit Electronic Material Co., Ltd was established in March, 2014, mainly engaged in R&D, production, sale, and technical support of magnetron sputtering targets. The plant is located in Wangchun industrial park, Haishu District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province.


                Senxiang Holding Group Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Institute of Mataterials Technology & Engineering. Chinese Academy of Science close cooperated. have established Ningbo Sunlit Eletronic Material Co., Ltd. Sunlit has won the price of China Science Technology Business Plan Competition an also won the "Top A" Fund out of "Leading Elites" Business Venture Program organized by local Yinzhou District Government. Sunlit has an experienced and professional team for R&D, production, sale, and technical support.


                The outstanding puremetal and ceramic sputtering targets with our own intellectual property right have been delivered to the application fields in energy-saving glass, smart glass, thin film PV, touch panel, and display device.


                Company development philosophy: master the key core technology of material preparation, and become the leading and supplier of high-end magnetron sputtering target material.