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                News Information
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                The 2017 annual meeting was held at senxiang building

                2017 annual conference held in Mr Cheung building, presided over by the chairman Mr Yong-ming zhu, the chairman delivered a speech, Mr Cheung holdings group is a vibrant modern enterprise, adhering to the "pioneering and innovative, integrity-based" enterprise idea, is sustained, healthy and fast development. Over the years, Mr Cheung people unity is strength, committed to the group's overall adjustment, reform and development of Chinese and top position, perfect the modern enterprise development concept, build elite talent highland, with our own ideal, will, innovation and performance become the best in the industry. Developing rapidly in recent years, Mr Cheung holdings group, now has established many branches in all parts of the country, the basic form of infrastructure investment and development, engineering construction, science and technology industry, international trade and so on diversified group enterprise. In the face of the future, we have only one goal: through our own strength and contribution to society, we will use "integrity and quality" to mold the brand of senxiang holding. We are confident that the mature sen xiang will take a more steady step, with a sense of urgency and a sense of urgency. Finally all staff expressed their willingness to join hands with sen xiang to create a more brilliant future.