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Oct 21

Prediction For the Future of Dynamics AX: Customization Is Going Away

For this first post I am asking a fairly broad question which I think is highly interesting these days. I will not claim to know a lot about all of the ERP’s of this world, my primary experience being with Dynamics AX. However, I do think Dynamics AX in the next few years is about to change significantly. …

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Oct 17

mHealth Revenue to Reach $9 billion in 2014, says SNS Research Report

  SNS Research‘s (Dubai, UAE) latest report indicates that global Mobile Healthcare (mHealth) revenue is expected to reach $9 Billion by the end of 2014. Download article as PDF

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Oct 09

Entering a Foreign Market – Managing Extreme Niche Software Markets

Since I wrote the post “Entering a Foreign Market – The 9 Steps to Success for Software Companies” I have received a lot of positive feedback. Thank you very much to all who took the time to write me. A number of people have asked me how to manage the situation where your software solution addresses …

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Sep 25

From the Garage to the NYSE in 10 Years Flat – Scaling a Software Company

In my recent post in the series “From the Garage to the NYSE in 10 Years Flat“, I discussed some core issues associated with getting a software-driven business started. In this post I will discuss issues related to scaling. We normally call companies getting started “Startups.” When are you transforming from a Startup to the …

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Sep 19

Business Model Generation – The Emperor’s New Clothes? (Part 3)

This is the third post in this “Business Model Generation – The Emperor’s New Clothes?” series. (The first two articles are listed at the end of this post.) We do not claim that Business Model Generation is an illusion. Business Model Generation certainly is a genuine and solid approach to map, simulate and develop new …

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Sep 18

Lack of Ambition Is a Problem in the Norwegian Software Sector

TBK Consult has published a series of articles about how the German software industry underperforms versus its global peers. This article takes this theme to the richest country in the world: Norway. Download article as PDF

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Sep 12

10 Mega-Trends on Mobile Prepaid Markets

Mobile Operators around the world are facing huge challenges. Download article as PDF

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Sep 05

Entering a Foreign Market – The 9 Steps to Success for Software Companies

We at TBK Consult help software companies become global market leaders. 50% of our clients seek our assistance before they venture out from their domestic markets, and the other 50% come to us when their global growth doesn’t meet their ambitions or expectations. In both situations the two big questions we always get are: 1. …

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Aug 30

New IT solutions to increase growth in retail sector

Born from a new partnership between LS Retail (Iceland) and TARGIT, (Hjørring, Denmark) the new and specially designed IT solution will give retailers worldwide a much needed overview of their business and performance. Download article as PDF

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Aug 21

Myths About Growth and Internationalization in the Software Industry: Domain Clusters


Assumption: Investing in establishing and promoting industry and/or domain clusters will create synergistic effects to the benefit of the individual cluster participant. It will stimulate activities, increase investments, create jobs and positively impact growth. Correct? No! It doesn’t apply to the software industry. Is it a myth? Yes! At least in the software industry. German research …

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